Web Experience

A Godaddy Reseller.

Pro Reseller Account- Hourwebsites.com

Super Reseller Account Hourwebhost.com

Design Account Manny Teppo


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Muse
  • Adobe Fuse
  • Microsoft Office
  • Experience with Bing Ads, Google adwords, AdSense.
  • YouTube channel Manny Teppo

Customer Service

  • Motel Manager
  • Campground Host
  • Storage Unit Manager/Maintenance
  • Medical Records Retreival
  • Apartment Manager


  • Drilling and placement of Dynamite, Prell and ecord
  • Demolition of buildings and houses
  • Scrap cars and semi-trailers

​​Driving Experience

I first started as A school bus driver in 1979 and include courier, pizza and rack driver over the years since. I also delivered pharmaceuticals in Utah, Salt lake City and Weber counties. I had to stop driving when my Insurance carrier said I was not covered.

Central Refrigerated
Salt Lake City, Utah
Over the Road Truck Driver
2007  to 2008

Swift Transportation
Salt Lake City, Utah
Over the Road Truck Driver
2004 To August 2005

2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Medals Plaza Driver- 26ft. box truck

100 hours a week

A-1 shower service

CDL 70ft. Shower unit
Oak city, Utah

Duties: Deploy shower unit to fire and hurricane locations and provide showers. Also coordinated all trip planning, stops and routing for all shower units; also wrote and organized government fire contract including photos. These were mobile showers so setting up and demobilizing was done.

      Film Experience

​During this time I joined IATSE Local 99 and worked on Outdoor retailer shows if I wasn't working on a Production.

  • Thelma and Louise; Actor
  • Knights Cyborg; Art department, Actor
  • This Boys Life; Actor
  • Slaughter of The Innocents; Consultant for construction; how to get motor and fan on top of tower for a wind generated water pump.
  • Geronimo; Greens 2nd, Horse Stunts
  • City Slickers 2; Greens 2nd
  • Pontiac Moon; Art Department- haul old cars out of the desert and bring to set, Actor
  • Rosa, A Tale of a Horse; on-set Greens, Craft service
  • Breakdown; Construction Greens-Moab, Standby Greens
  • Taco Bell Commercial; Key Greens coordinator
  • Southwest Airlines; Key Greens coordinator
  • ConAir; construction greens-Wendover, Standby Greens Wendover (Lunch break- Work and out spar with Nicolas Cage and Benny the Jet Urquidez for 12 weeks).
  • A Life Less Ordinary; Key Greens- Utah
  • Night Sins- Construction Greens
  • Treasure of Dos Santos- Construction Greens, Standby Greens
  • Postman; 2nd Unit Construction Greens and standby Greens
  • Galaxy Quest-Construction, Reclamation
  • Chill Factor; Key Greens 2nd Unit
  • Mission Impossible 2; standby Greens-Utah, Reclamation-Dead Horse Point
  • Glory Days; Standby Greens Los Angeles Port
  • The Core; Set Dressing,  Actor
  • Plainsong; Key Construction Greens, Standby Greens, Standby In studio Greens